“I though Kaylann was one of the best players in the state last year, and this year she is even better. And as good of a player as she is, her leadership of her team is even better. An amazing young woman, an amazing team captain and a great, great goal scorer.” – Coach Mike Giuliano

My most memorable moment of my soccer career at GAC was dancing in the locker room with the team in between a rain delay playing against Wesleyan in the semi finals my sophomore year.I will never understand how we had so much energy that night.

  • 4 year starter
  • 2016 Super Six Athlete
  • 2014 & 2015 State Champion
  • 26 goals, 18 assists in 2015
  • Scored first goal of 2014 state final

My soccer career at GAC has been a blast. I have been extremely blessed to be on this team for 4 years with such awesome coaches and incredible teammates. I have learned through others how to be a leader and how to be a great teammate on and off the field. Coach B, Coach Mike, Mario, and Mrs. Wilson have been with me through it all and I could not have asked for a better High School career. I am going to miss it. – Kaylann Boyd

School Activities

  • Art
  • Missions to City of Children
  • Soccer